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The boy stabs his father several times – Latest News

The boy stabbed his father several times

On Friday around 9:38 in Mitrovica it was reported that a person physically attacked his father by stabbing him several times.

Through the 24-hour report, the Kosovo Police has announced that the victim has suffered serious bodily injuries and he has been sent for medical treatment.

Meanwhile, according to the victim, the suspect had mental problems and he was arrested.

“Mitrovica 05.03.2021-09: 38. It is reported that the Kosovar male suspect physically attacked his father, the Kosovar male victim, stabbing him several times. The victim suffered serious bodily injuries and was sent for medical treatment. According to the victim, the suspect has mental problems. The suspect has been arrested and with the decision of the prosecutor is sent to detention “, it is said in the KP report

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