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The brand new authorities is urged to take instant motion on the hydropower crops

The Basic Court in Prishtina has approved the request of GLSP and GAIA to postpone the execution of the Water Permit for the Brezovica Hydropower Plant until the meritorious decision of the case.

Following this decision, the Center for Strategic Litigation held a press conference, calling the approval of their request as a positive step.

Alba Dushi from the Center for Strategic Cases, said that this decision is very positive.

She said that their request came as a result of violations that have been made related to this hydropower plant.

“On March 25, 2021, the plaintiff organizations received the ruling of the Basic Court in Prishtina, which approved our request. The Basic Court has assessed that the plaintiffs have provided credible arguments, photos of the protests held over the years by the citizens regarding the non-construction of hydropower plants’. “Citizens who have been denied their rights,” she said.

Whereas, Mevlude Skuroshi from GAIA said that this is a very small step but that gives positive signals. She, among other things, had a request to the Kurti Government.

“We call on the new government to take immediate action on the issue of hydropower plants, to take responsibility and not allow such projects,” she said.

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