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The household of Slađan Trajković in entrance of the prosecutor’s workplace in Pristina calls for that he be freed

Suzana Trajković, the wife of the arrested Slađan, stated that they gathered to support him and that they demand from the judiciary to allow him to defend himself from freedom.

She pointed out that the health condition of Slađan Trajković is in danger and that they suggest that he be transferred to the Health Center in Kosovska Mitrovica for treatment.

She said yes Trajković’s condition worsened during his stay in prisonclaiming that he did not receive therapy for 11 days, as he suffers from diabetes.

During a short gathering in front of the prosecutor’s office, they carried banners in Serbian and Albanian: “My father is innocent”, “Slađan Trajković is not a war criminal” and “God will judge false witnesses”.

The prosecutor’s office announced the beginning of the hearing of witnesses for today, however, according to the lawyer, it was postponed until February 16.

“Today we received unpleasant news from the prosecutor’s office, that the three hearings scheduled for today, the eighth and the ninth have been postponed to February 16. Until now, we have not been allowed to participate in investigative activities, and in this way we have been denied basic rights to the defense that follows him under the law on criminal procedure,” said Vasić.

He reported that on Friday he submitted a request to the court that Trajković be defended from house arrest in the future, because as he says, that is why the conditions exist and this would not be an exceptional measure but a rule for those who have their residence in the territory of Kosovo and who live here with their families.

Trajković is a former policeman, who left the service collectively with other colleagues in the north of Kosovo and Metohija, and after that arrested in mid-December on the charge of allegedly participating in the commission of a war crime.

The basic court in Pristina is Trajković extended the detention measure in mid-January for another two months.

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