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The little ones within the clinic in Tiršova acquired packages like within the story – Santa Claus got here down from the roof

Children who were not only good, but also especially brave this year deserved that Santa Claus made a special effort around them. And this year, they handed them the packages as in the stories, descending from the roof.

“They are really looking forward to this. They feel like they are at home and don’t miss a thing, which means every little patient,” says the director of the Children’s Clinic in Tiršova, prof. Dr. Siniša Dučić.

Aljoš Palija from the “Together for Youth” Foundation states that they also took the packages to other institutions. “We were here for oncology, as well as at the Institute of Neurosurgery. We are glad that so many people responded,” says Palija.

Wrestler Zurab Datunašvić points out that he is lucky that the children will receive gifts.

Minister for Family Care and Demography, Prof. Dr. Darija Kisić wished the children, first of all, good health, and that they welcome the new year in their families.

When they open the package, the little ones will see sweets, books, coloring books, board games, and on December 30, small patients at the Mother and Child Institute will also receive them.

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