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The suspect is arrested for the murder of his uncle’s son in Peja – Latest News

The suspect is arrested for the murder of his uncle's son in PejaPhoto: The suspect FB

FB, the suspect in the murder of his aunt’s son in the village of Novosella in Peja, which happened a few days ago, has been arrested.

The suspect had fled the scene while being searched by additional police units.

A tragic event took place on Saturday in Novoselë, Peja, where in a property dispute Bashkim Brahimaj was suspected of being killed by his cousin.

The case for his arrest for “Zeri” was confirmed by the spokesman of the Kosovo Police for the Peja region, Fadil Gashi.

The suspect was arrested tonight around 22:00. “He was arrested near the area where the murder took place”, said Gashi.

The Police report stated that in the village of Novoselë in Peja, on 24.04.2021, at 14:40, it was reported that the Kosovar male suspect shot the Kosovar male victim with a firearm.

“Relevant units went to the scene, while the medical team ascertained the death of the victim. “During the search of the suspect’s house, the following were found and confiscated: a machine gun, a pistol, weapons cleaning equipment, 890 bullets of different calibers, and five projectiles of different calibers”, it was said in the Police announcement regarding that events.

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