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These are our beauties who rejected the Albanians

Marriages to foreigners were once considered taboo in our society, but not anymore.

In the past, such cases were rare, except for those cases when young Albanians married women of other nationalities for a residence permit in a certain country.

Now this phenomenon has begun to be eliminated.

Now most foreign marriages are made out of love.

A number of well-known names have already married foreigners, writes “Kosovarja”.

Emina Çunmulaj and Sanm Nazarian

The model and millionaire live very happily in each other’s arms and are the happy parents of two daughters.

Their wedding was like in a fairy tale, of course the Albanian beauty shone and did not hesitate to dance Napoleon on that important day for her.

Almeda Abazi and Toglahan Sayisman

Another Albanian beauty is married to a man of another nationality.

The love story comes from Turkey.

Former Miss Albania, Almeda Abazi, had started a relationship with one of the most famous Turkish actors Toglahan Sayisman, with whom she is married.

The couple ended their bachelorhood with a ceremony held in Los Angeles.

Angela Martini and Dragos Savulescu

An unusual wedding, with only two guests and the bride dressed in black.

And who else can do this but the famous Albanian model Angela Martini.

She crowned her love with Romanian businessman Dragos Savulescu.

Aferdita Dreshaj and Jakub Kindil

These are not the only Albanian beauties who fell in love with people of non-Albanian nationalities, so the famous model and singer, Aferdita Dreshaj, is about to marry the Czech hockey player Jakub Kindl.

After a relationship of several years, Dreshaj and Kindil have taken it one step further, they got married and their wedding caused a media commotion.

They have already become parents.

Adelina Tahiri and Serijozha Markov

Undoubtedly, the headline of the Albanian showbiz is Adelina Tahiri.

She married renowned Macedonian lawyer Serijozha Markov.

The couple already have a son.

Despite the prejudices, Adelina is living the relationship with Serijozha Markov to the maximum.

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