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Hotlieria demands 1 billion euros in state aid – Latest News

Hotlieria is seeking 1 billion euros in state aid

1 billion euros of state support is required for the hotel and tourism sector, due to the damage caused by the anti-Covid measures.

The COVID-19 pandemic and measures to prevent it brought businesses to their knees.

And the president of the Chamber of Hotel and Tourism, Hysen Sogojeva, says that from this situation, over 12 thousand businesses are in great crisis, almost going bankrupt.

The latter in a meeting with the Parliamentary Committee on Economy, Industry, Entrepreneurship and Trade said that businesses should be helped.

He further indicated that if their demands are not met, there will be protests.

AAK MP, Pal Lekaj said that within a year Kosovo has lost a lot.

Therefore, Lekaj said that in order to regenerate the economy, attention should be paid to tourism.

And Skënder Krasniqi from the Chamber of Commerce says that the Parliament has been inactive and as a result many laws have remained on the streets.

Only 10 thousand euros is the budget allocated for tourism by the state./express

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