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With out an viewers, I appear to lack half of the artist’s identification

On the eve of the upcoming concert in the Botanical Garden in Belgrade, scheduled for May 16, maestro Stefan Milenković talked with RTS journalist Andjela Savić about the upcoming concert and the program of the violin master class he will hold during the summer in Čačak.

You are also the creative ambassador of the platform Serbia creates, what do you plan to do?

– Is there a simpler question? First of all, I have always had one constant in my work and creation and career, so I plan to continue at that pace and at that pace. And, of course, to focus primarily on our students and classical music here in Serbia, and the promotion of that classical music and our stage as much as possible outside Serbia.

You designed a violin camp, with what idea and who can participate?

– It will be an intensive violin course that contains everything that a traditional violin master class contains, but also contains some other things. These are, for example, physical exercises, some psychological tricks to reduce anxiety. And, of course, those theoretical classes, which I will also teach, and which have various topics. They are all about not only playing the violin, but also how to be a musician, what it means to live in the business world of music today, how to find your place.

You perform from the earliest childhood, how important are those experiences for working with children and how different are children now?

– On the one hand, they are different because they grow up in a world, primarily of technology, which is much richer today than when I was little, for example. What is the same is that those who are focused, who are talented, who have a passion for learning, who have a passion for music, have a certain profile, have a certain environment that helps them that supports them. So it was always the same.

Are you performing on May 16 in Belgrade?

– Yes, yes, in the Botanical Garden at 5 pm with the chamber orchestra ‘Muzikon’ from Belgrade and I will play Astor Piazzolla’s Four Seasons, because this is Piazzolla’s anniversary this year. It will be wonderful. We are all looking forward to it, because live concerts and audiences are slowly returning. Because without us being exposed to the audience and doing it for the audience, it’s really like you’re missing half the person, half the identity of the artist.

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