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Some recommendations on what to put in writing within the “topic” of the e-mail

The “subject” part of email may seem less important when communicating, but it is not. As for businesses, as during the job search process, taking care of the “topic line” is the best way to make that email visible to the recipient.

This is the first part people will see while checking inbox. Since some emails may contain as many viruses as irrelevant information, people who are busy rarely open them all. So the decision to read an email depends on what “name” we give it.

Warning: If you do not enter anything in the “subject”, your email may end up in “spam” or “deleted”!

While recipients will not be familiar with your name, the “subject line” is an opportunity to introduce yourself. This is a powerful first impression, especially for those who are applying for a job.

Tips for selecting the right email entries

Be professional: This tip applies to both the “subject” and the email address. It should not include informal words or phrases like “Hey / hey”, “Çkemi” etc. Use careful and professional language! Also be sure to have a professional email address, this is especially true for those who are applying for a job. An email address without a name or surname can make the employer doubt how serious you will be while performing your duties.

Enter the reason for the email: You need to make sure that your “subject line” shows enough interest to be read by the recipient. Use keywords based on the purpose of the email! In case you write networking emails, use this part of the emails to show why you are contacting that person! You can request information, request an appointment, advice, or such requests.

If you are applying for a job and someone has recommended you, always include his / her name!

Include job title: If you are applying for a job, use the job title in the “subject”, so that the employer will know which position you are interested in. This helps recruiters who have a lot of work, and are recruiting for different positions, to see from the beginning which position you are applying for. This becomes even more practical if recruiters have an automatic filter that filters emails. Properly written “theme line” will ensure that your application has gone to the right place.

Follow the instructions: Sometimes companies specify in the job advertisement what to include in the “subject”. If she does, make sure you follow the instructions and do not consider it trivial!

Be brief and specific: The more specific you make the subject note, the easier it will be for the recipient to categorize your email and respond appropriately. Be as short and concise as possible, as long posts can be shortened and the most important information lost!

Remarks: Most users today control email on the phone, which allows them 25 to 30 characters per subject.

Check and edit the message: Most senders, before sending an email, only pay attention to the body of the email, while not paying much attention to the “subject”. From now on, knowing that this part of the email is the first impression, you need to make sure you mark it clean and error free! Pune Academy

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