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This is the girl Saimiri chose

The finale of the love show “Love Story” was broadcast tonight on TV Klan.

The final night has reserved Saimir’s romantic meetings with the two finalist girls, Merin and Generda.

For Merin Saimiri had chosen the city of Rome, where after a walk in the main places of the Italian capital, they enjoyed another dinner.

There were words of love on both sides, as Saimiri stressed that he had not thought he would be able to feel so much for someone.

While with Generda Saimir had a very romantic and felt meeting in Istanbul. After walks in some of the city’s tourist spots, they dined together as they talked about their feelings.

A little while ago, Saimiri decided to eliminate Generda from the race, saying that his heart has taken a different direction. Saimir’s heart belongs to Merit, whom he chose as the winner of this competition, conveying many emotions.

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