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Tirana-Pristina Relations, Milo: There has been interference and preference by politicians – Latest News

Tirana-Pristina relations, Milo: There have been interventions and preferences from politicians

Paskal Milo commented on “Absolut 4” and the relations between Tirana and Pristina and how they are expected to be after the April 25 elections to be held in Albania.

According to the historian, the relations between our two countries should follow a line and should not change who force comes into government.

Milo acknowledged that in some cases there has been unauthorized interference by politicians on both sides and different preferences.

“In the relations between Tirana and Prishtina. Regardless of who will win the elections in Tirana, it is important that in relations with Kosovo there are no differences but a linear line. There should be no ups and downs between the relations between our two countries, who force comes into government. We have had some preferences of Tirana politicians in relation to Prishtina politicians and vice versa, which have exceeded the permissible limit of a constructive relationship.

And this not very principled and transparent relationship has led to interventions that for some part of politics have been impermissible. The intervention is more conceived in the sense of Tirana in Kosovo and not the other way around. “Even a case of Vetëvendosje activities that have caused a cold between Prime Minister Rama and Kurti may have been misunderstood in Tirana”, said Milo./a2

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