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TOMORROW IS IVANJDAN, A HOLIDAY WHEN THE SUN STOPS THREE TIMES! These are people customs, here is what to do if you would like offspring!

Along with Christ’s and the Mother of God’s, it is one of the three holy births celebrated by the Church. Saint John the Baptist was one of the prophets of the Jewish sect of the Nazarenes.

According to Christian teaching, he baptized Jesus Christ in the Jordan River. Serbs especially respect him as the protector of godparenthood and brotherhood. The national celebration of Ivanjdan originates from the pre-Christian period, from the farming cult in which the sun is celebrated when it radiates the greatest strength during the summer solstice, as well as the beginning of the harvest.

On the eve of that day, in many parts of Slovenia, bonfires were lit on the hills of Ivan, around which people played and sang.

Folk customs and beliefs

Among a number of beautiful old Serbian customs on this day, picking medicinal herbs and weaving wreaths of Ivan’s flowers stand out. On this day, the girls each weave one red rose into their wreath. Serbs believe that today is such a big holiday that the sun stops three times.

It is also believed that water has a special power on this day, so everyone bathes in rivers, streams, lakes. Herbs and herbs have enhanced healing properties. That is why medicinal herbs are picked and wreaths are woven, which are kept in the house as a medicine against various diseases.

Girl’s holiday

Ivanjdan can also be called the Girl’s Day because it is entrusted to girls through rituals. In many parts of our country, on the night before Ivandan, girls light Ivandan fires, pick flowers and grass, sing and weave wreaths. The girls from Gruž lit a live fire or bonfire in the evening, and they danced and sang all night with wreaths of Ivandan flowers. In the early dawn they parted, and each carried a soot from the fire, and a woven wreath would be placed on top of the gate. Similar work was done in the villages of Čačak. All this is done in jest, so the girl’s laughter and chic echoed in the night. It is also believed that candles should be taken and taken home tonight. On this day, beautiful young women from Gruž sowed a little grain in a pot, and on St. Peter’s Day they watched it sprout. Serbs also believe that wreaths of St. John’s wort are hung above or on the right side of the house door the day after the holiday. They protect the home from evil, spells and misfortune for the next year.

Vineyards are celebrating today

Nothing is being done in the vineyards to this day. They don’t even enter the vineyard three days before or three days after Ivanjdan. They say that during those seven days, the vineyard progresses the most, because it is guarded by Saint John.

Here is what the beautiful Vlachs are doing today

On this day, young Vlajna, widely known for their beauty, ran to the first and last bite of breakfast and kept it until evening, and then together with the mirror and a little chipboard they put it under the pillow so that the image of the one who was destined would appear in their dream.

And from the fresh wild mint harvested on Ivanjdan, Vlajne makes wreaths through which, in the days of the new moon, they look at their loved one three times in secret, and the belief is that then hearts certainly unite in love.

How can a barren woman give birth to a child

In eastern Serbia, it is believed that infertile women, who desperately want offspring, crawl through wreaths of St. John’s wort on Ivanjdan, and then bathe in the river so that the water would wash away the spell. It is also believed that if they want a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby, women should visit everyone named Stan or Stanko.

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