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Trump: Withdrawal from Afghanistan is the biggest military loss of all time – Latest News

Trump: Withdrawal from Afghanistan is the biggest military loss of all time

August 22, 2021 – 09:13

Donald Trump has criticized Joe Biden for the “surrender” of the United States to Afghanistan and called the situation “the greatest military loss of all time.”

The former president, who was holding a rally for supporters in Alabama, said this would never have happened if he had been in the White House and that Biden had shown dizzying incompetence.

Trump organized the U.S. withdrawal for May 1 this year and the Biden administration has blamed him for setting the deadline for his departure.

As president, Trump had agreed to the withdrawal of US troops and defended his actions saying he was tough in negotiations.

“This will go down in history as one of the greatest military losses of all time,” said Trump, who has ruled out running for president again in 2024.

“The question is not whether he will leave Afghanistan, the question is Joe Biden’s dizzying incompetence and great negligence. “Creating the greatest strategic humiliation we have ever seen as a country.”

Chaotic scenes followed in the Afghan capital, while Taliban opponents desperately wanted to leave the country through the airport, writes the Mirror, reports Klankosova.tv.

Many people have criticized Biden for a poorly organized retreat and that life could be put in danger for translators and other people who have helped Western countries but have not.

“We could have come out with honor, we should have come out with honor, and instead we came out with the opposite of honor,” Trump added.

Images of the Taliban using US weapons abandoned by Afghan forces fighting the Taliban have raised criticism over the handling of the situation.

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