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Turning back time, Mevlani is surprised by the choice between Ledjana and Antonela

Mevlani has received attention again with his statements as part of the show “Top arena” where the presenter was Antonela.

Antonela read the audience’s questions to the former competitor and got some interesting answers from him.

Asked if he could turn back the time after which he would choose Antonella or Ledjana, Mevlani surprised me with the answer.

Mevlani: Lediana

Antonela: Because you will stay with the same words

Mevlani: I do not change…

Antonela: Do not pretend that you are suffering for him, because no one trusts you anymore

Mevlani: It does not matter!

Antonela: Where do you think your life is now? In Milan or in Milan?

Mevlani: In Kavaja I believe, Or in Rrëshen…

But, even though in the interviewee’s chair, Mevlani also had a question for the moderator: Do you ever miss me, by the way?

Antonela: Take me!

Mevlana: Do not laugh, because I do not take it seriously

Antonela: It takes me a lot…

Mevlani went out as a couple with Lediana, from “Për’puthen” but they quickly confirmed that they are no longer together, while there were also pins and dedications addressed to each other./ paarty

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