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The World Day of Voluntary Blood Donors was marked in Subotica

Addressing those present at the Great Hall, Mayor Bakić, on behalf of the City of Subotica and on his own behalf, expressed his gratitude to all those who today receive more than deserved recognition for their great humanity.

“Giving blood dozens, even more than a hundred times is really a feat for every respect and something that is very important to emphasize and value as a society. The preciousness of your humanity has never been clearer than in this age of pandemic which we hope is, at least in its worst edition, forever behind us. You were the ones that our health care system could always count on for the much needed amount of blood, which saved many lives. I want to say in front of you today that you will always have the support of your city “, said Mayor Bakić.

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Recalling that the city budget for this year provides 1.68 million dinars for actions of voluntary blood donation and that the funds are directed to the City Organization of the Red Cross, which, as he said, performs its mission at the highest level, he pointed out that the Red Cross in Subotica represents a true partner of the City of Subotica in the joint effort to improve the health and quality of life of the people of Subotica.

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“This year I was a frequent guest at the Red Cross celebrations, not only because we celebrate 135 years of its existence in Subotica, but also because of the true commitment and quality of all actions carried out by the local organization, which stood out especially during the difficult days of 2020, when “Together, we have alleviated all the difficulties brought by the pandemic to many of our fellow citizens,” Bakic said.

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Congratulating, once again, all the award winners, he underlined that he knew that they were not such dedicated donors because of any award.

“We are giving you gifts today, primarily as an expression of our gratitude and to encourage our fellow citizens to follow your example, as we will all personally try – to become donors if we have not been before or to give blood more often if we are had the experience of giving “, said Mayor Stevan Bakić.

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Secretary of the City Organization of the Red Cross of Subotica Dr. Sinisa Trajkovic expressed satisfaction that this event was organized together with the City Administration of the City of Subotica with the desire to express deep respect and gratitude to voluntary blood donors from this city, gratitude for, as he stated, thousands of lives saved. humanity, philanthropy and selflessness.

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“Thank you on behalf of all those for whom you have saved lives or eased suffering. Today, on the World Day of Voluntary Blood Donors, we will use the opportunity to thank the donors who donated blood in the past year, 35, 50, 75 in the past year, on behalf of the local government and the Red Cross of Subotica, in accordance with the rulebook on awarding recognition to voluntary blood donors .or 100th time. We have not forgotten the voluntary donors who donated blood more than 100 times. We will thank you with recognitions, plaques and modest gifts in the desire to mark each coming World Blood Donor Day together and in as many numbers as possible, and to give our city the epithet city of culture and city of sports and the epithet city of humanity, “said Sinisa Trajkovic.

Dr. Anastazija Mrdja, the head of the Transfusiology Service of the General Hospital Subotica, also addressed the audience in the Great Hall of the City Hall.

Photo: Promo / Strahinja Babović

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