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Unexpected / Murat “forgets” Sindi, undresses Ola and gives her the first kiss in…

Ola and Murati held their first meeting, which they stated was beyond expectations.

The two were seen very close consuming lunch with each other.

Although they tried to maintain distance, the closeness between them was noticed at a romantic candlelit lunch.

During the conversation, Murat approached Ola taking off his jacket and then gave her a kiss on the neck.

Ola: I have not seen any great chemistry between you and Sindh.

There was no rapprochement between you?

Murati: Do you think you can have any other likes?

Ola: I am sure.

Murati:Do not tell me then you can go out with others.

Ola: How did you feel when I declared my consent for you?

Murati: I was a little surprised and pleased to see a beautiful oyster.

Ola: I remember when you came and said I came just for you.

Murad: Po.

I’m very jealous.

Ola: Will you see my dress?

Murati: Po.

With all the fun.

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