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Unification for dialogue, in the hands of Kurti – Latest News

Unification for dialogue, in the hands of KurtiPhoto: Laura Hasani / illustration

Opposition political parties, the Democratic League of Kosovo and the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, have stated that they support the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue process, but according to them, the unification of the political spectrum in Kosovo regarding dialogue depends on the Government of Kosovo and Prime Minister Albin Kurti. .

The largest opposition entity, the Democratic Party of Kosovo, last week did not respond positively to Prime Minister Kurti ‘s invitation to the opposition parties, for separate meetings, to speak, as he said, in the “service of informing and coordinating political spectrum on issues in the interest of Kosovo ”.

Kurti did not mention what will be discussed, but the opposition had assessed Kurti as an initiative to talk about the talks between Kosovo and Serbia, to find a final solution between the two countries.

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