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Uran Ismaili adjusts the lights in Ulpiana, talks about public lighting

The candidate for Mayor of Prishtina, Uran Ismaili has an important part of his program and public lighting.

To demonstrate the need to regulate public lighting in the neighborhoods, Ismaili went to Ulpiana where together with citizens and activists he placed a reflector in one of the dark tunnels of Ulpiana. According to Ismaili, the regulation of public lighting increases public safety in every neighborhood and he has promised that the complete solution for the dark streets in the capital will be completed by June 2023.

In a post on his Facebook page, Ismaili stated “Today we fixed a light in one of the tunnels of Ulpiana. Many busy streets of our neighborhoods have been left without public lighting. But there is no room for complaints about what was not done yesterday, because today we are together and we will fix Prishtina, in every neighborhood. Under my rule, every neighborhood of Prishtina will have public lighting until June 2023. Prishtina unites us: deciduous_tree: #bashkeendreqim ”

In his program for Prishtina, Ismaili detailed the solution for efficient public lighting, showing what he will do in this regard, how he will solve this problem in concrete steps, as well as the date when the entire lighting project public will be finalized under his mandate as Mayor of Pristina.

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