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US diplomat: There is talk that there may be early elections in Kosovo – Latest News

US diplomat: There is talk that there may be early elections in Kosovo

German MP Peter Beyer, who is rapporteur for the Western Balkans in the Bundestag, had clear messages addressed to the Government of Kosovo.

This in relation to the refusal of official Pristina not to be part of the initiative for regional cooperation launched as “Mini-Schengen” and finalized as “Open Balkans” between Albania, Northern Macedonia and Serbia, on July 29 in Skopje. .

“The invitation exists, Kosovo can be part of this initiative and be a strong player there. They must overcome the historical and ideological things and the burden they carry on their shoulders. I know that this is difficult and for me as a German it is easy to say this but for the good of the citizens of all countries I think this is a good project “, said the German diplomat.

In addition, Beyer, who is the German government’s co-ordinator for transatlantic affairs, spoke about the Kosovo-Serbia talks.

As the guest of the online debate organized by the Center for International Strategic Studies based in the United States, he said that a common Euro-American approach is needed.

The envoy for dialogue, Miroslav Lajçak calls a person with clear goals whom he loves most directly towards the parties.

“It would be good to have a stronger role of envoy for dialogue when Serbia and Kosovo meet in Brussels or anywhere else. Because currently the role of the special envoy is more of a moderator than a pushing leader. “Forgive me for my words but he has to be harsher sometimes because this is the language that is needed and understood much better.”

The second panelist, US diplomat James O’Brien, stressed that the current situation of the talks in Brussels is inappropriate.

“I think it has currently become a circus which each party uses for internal needs.”

O’Brien, who is the second man in the “Albright Stonebridge” group, even mentioned the possibility of early elections in Kosovo.

“With the new elections next year in Serbia and the possibility of early elections in Kosovo, which I am hearing rumors, I am skeptical that there will be any results. I just got a rumor about early elections in Kosovo. “I do not want anyone to think that I am aware of anything, but this seems like an opportunity,” he said in the CSIS debate.

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