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Vjosa Osmani: With the shelter of Afghans, Kosovo has shown NATO who the real friends are – Latest News

Vjosa Osmani: With the shelter of Afghans, Kosovo has shown NATO who their true friends are

The President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, spoke about the decision of Kosovo institutions to shelter Afghans in the country.

Invited to Columbia University in the US, Osmani said that they came to this decision for several reasons. According to her, one is the similar story that the country she represents has with Afghanistan.

“For us it was a moral obligation, it was very personal. What you saw while people were leaving, that scene of taking a small child over fences, just to save their lives, is exactly the scene you saw in the last war in Kosovo. So, this situation brought us back to the memories we went through, and for this reason we could not close the doors “, said Osmani, reports Klan Kosova.

The Kosovar head of state further said that the fact that the US asked Kosovo to shelter Afghan immigrants, according to her, shows the good relations they have with Kosovo.

On this occasion, Osmani said that he expects the support of the North Atlantic Alliance countries to join this organization.

“We have worked very closely with the Biden administration to ensure that this process of housing Afghan citizens goes as smoothly as possible, as well as with the NATO alliance. “I say it again, Kosovo has shown NATO who its true friends are, so I hope now that we will get the support of NATO members to join that organization.”

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