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Vucic MP denies Srebrenica genocide: Pure lie – Latest News

Vucic MP denies Srebrenica genocide: Pure liePhoto: Tanjug

August 13, 2021 – 13:49

Aleksandar Vucic’s deputy, Serbian Progressive Party, Vladimir Djukanovic, said the genocide in Srebrenica was a “pure lie”.

The Serbian MP made this statement in a video published on “TikTok”, which he then shared on “Instagram”, after complaining that the companies “Google” and “Facebook” are doing “monstrous censorship” for those who deny the Srebrenica genocide.

“The scandalous statement of ‘Google’ and ‘Facebook’ that they will censor anyone who denies the so-called genocide in Srebrenica is nothing but a classic suppression of freedom of speech. “It is an absolute scandal against which we must fight,” he said in the video.

“I am concerned about the announcement by ‘Facebook’ and ‘Google’ that they will censor anyone who denies the genocide in Srebrenica. A dictatorial decision was made. It speaks of a nation like Serbia, one of the most suffering nations in World War II and in the latter, to be accused of committing genocide against those who were Nazi collaborators during World War II. Today, those who committed crimes against us, it seems that genocides were committed against them, by the people who slaughtered and killed. The genocide in Srebrenica is a pure lie, a notorious lie. Legally, if you look at all the facts, there is no segment that you can qualify as having committed genocide in Srebrenica. “Genocide was ‘Storm’, because you ethnically cleansed a national group from the territory where he lived”, said ukukanovii, among others.

“Here [në Srebrenicë] there was no genocide because you did not deliberately destroy an ethnic group, we are talking about Muslims in Srebrenica, women and children were saved, and most of the men who died there died in the war. So when I die in war, there is no talk of genocide. “Normally, those who were killed in prisons constitute war crimes, but they have nothing to do with genocide,” said Vucic’s party MP.

This is not the first time Djukanovic has treated Srebrenica differently from the truth. Two years ago, exactly on July 11, 2019, while the victims of Srebrenica were being remembered in Potocari 24 years ago, MP Vuiqiiq wrote on Twitter: “I want to congratulate the Serbian people on the day of the liberation of Srebrenica. “Thank you to General Ratko Mladic for the excellent military operation.”

Recently, a law was passed in Bosnia and Herzegovina that would punish anyone who denies the Srebrenica genocide. A Resolution condemning the Srebrenica genocide was also adopted in Kosovo.

Recall that the companies “Twitter” and “Google” confirmed days ago to Radio Free Europe that they plan to remove on their platforms content that denies the genocide in Srebrenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It was the Canadian Genocide Research Institute (IGK) that recently sent a request to technology companies “Twitter” and “YouTube” to stop denying the Srebrenica genocide on their platforms.

During the 1990s war, Serb forces killed over 8,000 Muslim men and boys in Srebrenica.

The killings were recognized as genocide by the International Court of Justice in The Hague. / Voice

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