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Vuiqiiq: The situation for us is hopeless, but let’s see how easy it will be for Albin Kurti – Latest News

Vucic: The situation for us is hopeless, but let's see how easy it will be for Albin Kurti

“Serbia knows what its national and state interests are and will continue to fight for its people and their rights, despite the fact that the situation is almost hopeless,” said Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic when asked. to comment on whether Serbia has a response to pressure from Pristina and Washington and warnings of a new platform to continue the dialogue.

Vuiqi thekso emphasized that the dialogue with Kosovo is one of the most important things, while he also had some words for Albin Kurti, ironically, Gazeta Express reports.

“You do not have an adequate answer, I see that our internal situation is being resolved by Albin Kurti, who spoke about what Serbia should look like and who should be in power. “Stop, shut up, let them go, everyone is strong. We will let them go, let them do their job, we will do ours,” Vucic told reporters at Belgrade airport after receiving the Astra-Zeneka vaccine. .

Regarding the fact that Kurti says that he is not interested in dialogue with Belgrade more than with the Serbs in Kosovo, Vucic says that “the representatives of the Serbs from Kosovo are not the ones who get 0.62% or the ones who get 2% of the votes , but those who receive 95% ”.

“They tried in every way to install the Serbs they want to talk to, from Rasic to Rada Trajkovic, so they did not succeed. “You can buy someone but you can not buy 95% of the people,” Vucic said.

He also said that this situation is extremely difficult for Serbia, almost hopeless, after 2004, 2008 and 1999, but added that “we still have to fight for our people, their interests and our right”.

“It will be difficult for us, and for them, as they say, everything is easy. “We will see how easy it will be,” Vucic concluded.

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