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We have been in contact for years…

Soni Malaj was today invited to the show “Abc e Pasdites” with Ermal Peçi, where she spoke more about her participation in “Kënga Magjike” with “Versioni im”, a collaboration with Flori Mumajesi.

The brunette singer has reunited with the latter after 10 years of absence in music.

Soni told a lot about her relationship with Florin and was surprised by her statement, as she emphasized that during all this time they have kept contracts even though they have not made it public.

She said she greatly appreciated all of Florit’s work and professional attention at this difficult time in his life, having lost one of his parents.

“Yes, Florin and I have had continuous human relations, despite the fact that we have not made it so public.

Over the years we have been in touch and maintain a very great respect for each other.

We started our human journey as friends and we are friends again.

With all the bad time that Flori is going through with the separation from life of the most important man of his life, his devotion to me, to the material has been maximal.

“He left his pain aside to be close to me in this competition and to support me,” said Soni. / party

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