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Molliqaj: Kurti opposed the surrender of the KLA in The Hague, now appoints Special witness – Minister Latest News

Molliqaj: Kurti opposed KLA surrender in The Hague, now appoints Special witness as minister

The chairman of the PSD, Dardan Molliqaj, has published an old statement of the Prime Minister Albin Kurti, who was then an MP, where he said that the Special Court should not be established.

Kurti said VV would never hand over the KLA to The Hague.

“VV will be in power tomorrow. “VV is the subject that will not hand you over to the Special Court, because we do not recognize the Special Court”, said Kurti at that time.

To this video, Molliqaj also linked the statement of Foreign Minister Donika Gërvalla, who at the time said that she would submit materials to Specials.

“Yes. “I have written materials and evidence”, she said at the time, among other things.

Molliqaj said that now we can not expect the government to oust former KLA leaders.

“How can we expect interest in KLA fighters from this government, which appoints Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister someone like Donika Gërvalla, who has publicly indicated that she has filed files against KLA soldiers,” he wrote.

“This is the Kurti government transformed from not handing over the fighters to the Court to handing over the files against them”, added Molliqaj./express

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