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We won’t permit lawsuits to have an effect on monetary stability

Tabaković stated this at the meeting on the occasion of the presentation of the new electronic service “My data for the bank”, and answering questions from journalists about the NBS’s attitude towards clients’ lawsuits against banks for charging loan costs.

She said that the NBS does not intend to enter into controversy with those who always find a way to have a profitable business, and that it is difficult for her to refrain from talking about “a lobby that is always looking for a source of income”.

She added that she believes that Serbia has been brought to the map of the most interesting countries for investing in the world by legal security and a business environment that promises a long stay and duration in this market.

She asked how it is that the laws that were in force from 2000 until today are suddenly called into question and how citizens are supposedly protected if some lawyers even ask the NBS for loan agreements so that they can sue on the basis of them.

“Why is there a hatred towards banks in Serbia? We should ask those who create it, and it remains to be seen whether banks will be interested in expanding investments and strengthening activities here, or that those who have never done so will make a profit from the country.” said Tabakovic.

She said that it can be easily concluded that the rating agencies view the chase against the banking and financial sector, and through that as well as investors.

“The goal is to lower the investment rating when we were, and if there was no pandemic, we would have it, because the problem of fees that are valid for 20 years will be a problem only in Serbia,” said Tabaković.

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