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Will AAK vote for Kurti and Vjosa Osmani as presidents? – Latest news

Will AAK vote for Kurti and Vjosa Osmani as presidents?

Time Kadriaj from the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo will be a member of the Assembly of Kosovo for the third time.

Kadriaj has announced that the new decisions will be taken in AAK after the results are certified, including whether they will vote for the Government Kurti and Vjosa Osmani president.

“We can have opposing positions, but the deputies act according to what the Presidency and the party structures decide. All decisions of the AAK whether to stay in the hall when the president is elected or the government is voted, depend on the decision taken by the party leadership. There will be meetings and all issues will be discussed. We, all deputies, act in accordance with the decisions taken by the Steering Council “, said Kadriaj in Klan Kosova.

She added that the winning party is responsible for securing the numbers and that this should be committed to.

“It is the duty and obligation of that subject to commit to this. We are at the beginning of the certification and I believe that tomorrow, after the complaints, there will be movement in this direction “, said Kadriaj.

She said that the result obtained by her party is not satisfactory, but that its acceptance by other parties is positive for Kosovo’s democracy.

“AAK in relation to other parties has maintained a certain continuity and has managed to have eight deputies,” she said.

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