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With mocking comments and laughter, Balina confronts Illyrian fans

From the beginning of the adventure in Big Brother VIP, one of the opinion leaders, Balina Bodinaku has never hidden her pro-Donald bias and criticism at the top of the language regarding Ilir and his “circle”.

Everyone remembers the tactless intervention against Fifi that resulted in her leaving the house due to the deterioration of her health condition, although there is nothing wrong with keeping aside, the laughter with the most ardent commentators of the program has no reason to happen.

Such a discussion took place on Instagram with one of Iliri’s fans who considered Balina’s most “quiet” performance last night as a “drop of feathers”.

There was no lack of retort from the opinionist who twice with laughter mocking and warned the fans to “wait and not speak prematurely”.

You can follow their full discussion below as you assess for yourself whether the opinionist should have this kind of communication with the most emotional part – the fans.

See photo:

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