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BAHATI ĐILAS IS BREAKING THE LAW AGAIN! Along with his BMW automobile, he exceeded the pace restrict once more! Working over 170 per hour!

24. 12. 2021.

BAHATI ĐILAS IS BREAKING THE LAW AGAIN! With his BMW car, he exceeded the speed limit again! Running over 170 per hour!

Dragan Djilas has long been known as someone who is prone to arrogance and violence, and today he proved once again how much he doesn’t care about traffic safety.


Namely, today at around 13.40 on the highway Belgrade – Nis, in the direction of Nis, in the municipality of Paracin, the radar measured a speed of 174 km / h on the part of the road where the limit is 130 km / h.

The vehicle with BMW license plates was driven by Dragan Đilas.



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