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Zemaj has been invited by the Police after the news about the non-signing of the contract for vaccines from Vitia – Latest News

Zemaj was invited by the Police after the news about the non-signing of the contract for vaccines from Vitia

Former Minister of Health, Armend Zemaj, in the Pressing show of T7, said that he himself was contacted by the Kosovo Police, after the newspaper Insjderi reported that the Minister of Health, Arben Vitia, did not sign an agreement that would provide Kosovo 500 thousand vaccines.

Zemaj said that the Kosovo Police contacted him for help and to testify about the process.

“Yes, they contacted me, they asked me for some kind of help or testimony about the process. To know or to show what a document contains, how it can be classified as a secret “, said Zemaj.

Further, he said that the documents were not classified, but there was a kind of agreement between the Government of Kosovo and the pharmaceutical company, due to the relationship with other countries.

“They have not been classified but it is an agreement until the signing of the final agreement. “Because of the relationship with other countries”, said Zemaj in T7.

As for the police officers who entered the Insider’s offices and then interviewed the director of the Insider Newspaper, Parim Olluri, Zemaj said that it was unnecessary.

“That rush to the media has been unnecessary,” Zemaj added.

Zemaj: I have not been infected with COVID-19 yet

Former Minister of Health Armend Zemaj has indicated that he is not infected with Covid-19. He says that he tries to adhere to the measures and recommendations for protection.

“It is a conviction and it is something that I have tried to convey to my relatives, family, district and society,” said Zemaj.

It was a necessity due to the activities to keep the mask, the distance and especially the hygiene in order not to fall prey to the infection from the touch “, stressed Zemaj in Pressing.

“Despite the fact that people are probably being misunderstood,” said Zemaj.

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