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Zemaj to LVV: For God’s sake, the red power has strongly defeated him! – Latest news

Zemaj to LVV: For God's sake, the red power has strongly defeated him!

The MP of the Democratic League of Kosovo, Armend Zemaj, has criticized the government of Albin Kurti, saying that the Ministry of Health fired more than 475 health professionals.

The former Minister of Health said that he treated them badly, but even worse towards the citizens who still need their services.

“In short, it is completely unfair, because everyone was treated unfairly,” Zemaj wrote on his Facebook account.

“We were very happy when these professionals became part of the common front in the fight against the global enemy, Covid-19. How much work and contribution they gave in extraordinary circumstances. They had even more to give but, they did not allow them, they punished them, they expelled them “.

Further, Zemaj said that he was satisfied and happy when 1,500 specialists were accepted in his mandate, while today he feels satisfied and happy not only that they were accepted but also that they can not punish and leave, writes Klan Kosova.

“Meanwhile, it is already clear that if they had the opportunity, they would never even accept them. Yes, they would never accept them. “They would ignore them, humiliate them, until one day they would leave their country to meet the health needs of other countries.”

“In short, this government is completely unjust, because all the unjust can be done, except for their grandchildren, nieces and nephews, who were designed and proclaimed for weddings and parties, but ended up in ministries and governments,” he wrote. Zemaj.

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