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Беливук и његова група на саслушању у Специјалном суду

The Ministry of the Interior announced that they were escorted by 22 vehicles to the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime.

The escort of 22 vehicles, in which there were members of the organized criminal group, were special units of the Gendarmerie and special units of SBPOK, as well as members of the Intervention Unit 92 of the Police Administration for the city of Belgrade, the Ministry of the Interior stated.

During their escort to the Special Court, the traffic police blocked the entire route.

At the hearing, they will be able to defend themselves by keeping silent or presenting their defense, admitting or denying criminal acts in the presence of their lawyers.

After the hearing, the prosecution will decide when to request custody.

The pre-trial judge of the Special Court will decide on the detention.

Most of those arrested will be detained for up to 48 hours early tomorrow morning, so it is expected that a decision on detention will be made by then.

In yesterday’s action, 19 people were arrested suspected of committing the criminal offenses of association for the purpose of committing criminal offenses, aggravated murder and kidnapping as members of an organized criminal group.

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During the search of apartments and other premises at about thirty locations, which were used by the suspects, objects and traces of committed crimes were found, the Ministry of the Interior announced.

During the day, searches were conducted at some other locations and three more people were arrested in Pancevo, who are connected to this group.

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