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17 years after the separation, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are getting back to each other

She has not been separated from her fiancé for a long time.

And, JLo is not that he is sitting and mourning the separation, reports lajmi.net.

17 years after their separation, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck seem to be no longer friends, but something more.

After the two attended the VAX Live concert in Los Angeles on Sunday, they traveled together to Yellowstone Club in Montana where they are said to have rested together for about 1 week.

“They were both alone, just the two of them,” a source told E! News.

They stayed together at the same resort and traveled with each other by car after the holidays were over they left again with each other and after arriving in Los Angeles went together to J.Lo’s house in Bel-Air.

This news comes a month after Jennifer was finally separated from Alex Rodriguez after 4 years of relationship, however this is not the first time Jennifer appears after this moment in the company of Ben Affleck, a few days after the separation, Ben was seen at Lopez’s house, but at the time it was said that the two are simply friends with each other.

“They have had a romantic story, but at this point they only have friendships, they both admire each other professionally, respect each other and feel comfortable together, Jennifer and Ben have met often since her separation from Alex “Jen and Ben have been friends for years and both are still just friends,” some sources told ET.

But now after these holidays and the time spent together no one can say for sure that they are just mere friends, recall that Jennifer and Ben started their love affair in July 2002, while they were shooting a movie.

In November of the same year, Ben proposed to Jennifer with a diamond ring, but in 2004 they ended the romance.

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