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8M excavator returns to work at KEK – Latest News

The 8M excavator in KEK returns to work

Kosovo Energy Corporation (KEK) has announced that thanks to an extraordinary commitment of experts and employees of the corporation, the 8M excavator which last night had moved a few meters back has returned to the position it was and has started normal operation.

KEK has denied reports in some media that the movement of this excavator has endangered dozens of workers.

“First of all, we would like to inform you that the 8M excavator has a total of 8 operators and KEK assures you that this movement has not endangered any of these workers and the excavator has not suffered any damage. “Furthermore, the immediate intervention of the mining experts has brought this equipment under control and has stopped working only for the purpose of stabilizing and securing it, respecting the safety procedures”, it is said in the communiqué of KEK.

“Finally, we must keep in mind that KEK operates with specific equipment and its experts and employees are doing an excellent job, as a result KEK is the most profitable public enterprise and one of the main pillars of the country’s economic development. Therefore, misinformation in this regard negatively affects the work and will of employees and damages the image of the corporation “, it is further stated in the press release. / Voice

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