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A 31-year-old pregnant woman among COVID-19 victims was not vaccinated

Agreta Gecaj – Gashi, director of the board of HUCSK, said that among the victims of COVID-19 is a pregnant woman.

Gecaj-Gashi in Klan Kosova, said that the victim was young, born in 1991.

“2-3 days ago, there were 31 pregnant women hospitalized in the Gynecology Clinic.

10 of them with oxygen therapy.

Over the past week two have been admitted to intensive care.

One of them unfortunately passed away yesterday.

Born in 1991 (31 years old) unvaccinated.

“All are unvaccinated in two doses.”

Gashi further said that HUCSK has created spaces for those affected by coronavirus.

“The large number of cases we had in the last wave was around 1050 cases.

Today we have 1259 cases of hospitalized in UCCK and regional hospitals.

The reorganization of all UCCK clinics has been done, in order to make room for patients who are seeking treatment from COVID-19 ”.

“Apart from the reorganization, a space had to be added to the Sports Medicine where beds were placed and last night the first patients were admitted.

The steering board together with the director of HUCSK have decided to vacate these spaces and to vacate the space of specialist clinics, where according to the planning made by our architect, it goes up to 110 beds “, she said further.

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