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A water pipe burst close to the College of Mechanical Engineering, visitors was stopped, the water additionally washed away the asphalt

A huge amount of water spilled this morning near the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Kraljica Marija Street when a main pipe burst. Around 7:30, the water receded, and it turned out that the malfunction occurred at the public lighting pole.

Director of the Water Network, Branimir Stević, said that the crews shut off the water in a short period of time.

“At the moment, preparations are being made to remove the defect, to remove the banner. When it is physically unearthed, we will see the nature of the defect and remove it,” Stević said.

According to the RTS reporter from the scene, around 6:40 a.m. a huge amount of water poured out, washing away the asphalt, and the parking spaces were also cracked.

Traffic is suspended in this part of the city – in Kraljica Marija Street from the intersection with Starine Novaka, as well as the lower part of Starine Novaka Street, from the Postanska Štedionica downwards. Trams on lines 2 and 5 will most likely not run on this part of the street until the end of the day.

The accident happened in a similar place in 2019, while the renovation of this street was still ongoing.

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