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Abdixhiku calls on political parties: Election campaign to be shortened to 10 days – Latest News

Abdixhiku calls on political parties: The election campaign to be shortened to 10 days

The President of the Democratic League of Kosovo, Lumir Abdixhiku, has made a public invitation to the leaders of the three largest parties in the country, LVV, PDK and AAK, that the election campaign from 30 days as provided by law, be reduced to 10 days.

Abdixhiku said that something like this should be done in order to avoid large rallies, as well as the election campaign to be done in televised confrontation and through social networks, in order to prevent the increase of cases with the COVID-19 virus in the country.

Abdixhiku wrote that he hopes for a positive response in this regard and that this message will be received in writing by all leaders of the aforementioned political parties. / Voice

Abdixhik’s full post:


Honorable chairman of LVV, Mr. When you,

Honorable chairman of PDK, Mr. Krasniqi,

Honorable chairman of AAK, Mr. Haradinaj,

I am addressing you today in this form, to raise before you and the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo, our voters, ie all those we represent together, the issue of organizing the election campaign in an unprecedented time of pandemic.

Our country, our Republic, has long been ranked as the country with the highest death rate per capita in the world. In the last 10 days alone, a total of 189 Kosovars have lost their lives in the face of Covid-19. From 1 of our fellow citizens, young and old without distinction, every hour we are losing in this confrontation. It is our citizens, our people, whose pain I believe we all share here regardless of the positions we hold today or tomorrow each of us.

In the last 10 days, over 17,420 Kosovars have tested positive, which means that, unfortunately, the death rate will continue for some time. We must stop this rhythm. Beyond the state responsibilities that the Government has, responsibilities that must be exercised with full competence, responsibilities that will be held accountable anyway, today I am addressing each of you, as party leaders, to overcome ourselves, to overcome differences to build an electoral pact. More precisely, in this pact, I propose that:

1. With full political will, despite the legal regulations in the country, to shorten the election campaign from 30 days to 10 days. To carry the political confrontation from the ground where we usually gather hundreds of thousands of people at once, in other debates, television, digital and social confrontation.

2. To instruct all our candidates to do every pre-electoral and electoral activity from today until October 17, in accordance with the strict rules set by the National Institute of Public Health of Kosovo. So to have as many people as allowed, to respect the distance, and to respect the masses of small gatherings as instructed by our experts.

Thus, we not only save lives, not only give time to mass vaccination – which should happen – but we truly show solidarity with the thousands of doctors and health staff who for 18 months now are unstoppably facing the greatest human challenge in 100 years. last. Use this time for another campaign, that of raising public awareness about the vaccination process.

In case of eventual agreement with this proposal, I suggest inviting the Parliament to rest, to approve a resolution in this regard, and to set a good example for the country, our citizens and everyone else involved in this regard. In the end, it’s the public health, the lives of our people, that matters. I hope and expect a positive response in this regard. You will also receive this message in writing.


Lumir Abdixhiku

Democratic League of Kosovo

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