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About 15 thousand signatures for Kosovo on Netflix – Latest News

About 15 thousand signatures for Kosovo on Netflix

While celebrating the 13th anniversary of independence, Kosovo continues to face problems of international recognition, where many platforms still do not recognize the new state.

One of them is “Netflix”, against whom an online petition has started to be signed as users from Kosovo are facing difficulties in using this platform.

In a few days, almost 15 thousand people have signed this petition, through which “Netflix” is called to add Kosovo as a country in its streaming service, Zeri.info reports.

“Kosovo declared independence on February 17, 2008. Since then, 98 United Nations countries have recognized Kosovo as an independent state, including the United States of America. Propaganda by Serbia to bring Kosovo down in the international arena continues, especially on major online platforms. That needs to change. Serbia has no jurisdiction over Kosovo and its institutions, and our independence cannot be devalued by them. “Netflix is ​​an American company, and since the United States recognizes Kosovo, shouldn’t Netflix add it as a state to its streaming service?”

It remains to be seen whether the petition will have the effect of making Netflix add Kosovo to other countries.

To sign the petition click HERE

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