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WINTER IS COMING! Temperature decrease by 15 levels, adopted by icy days

Significant cooling will be followed by moderate and strong, short-term and stormy, northwest wind, as well as the creation of less snow cover and ice.

In Serbia today it will be cloudy with rain, in the morning and before noon in the north, and in the afternoon and in other parts cooling, strong northwest wind and the transition of rain to snow and the creation of a smaller snow cover.

In the afternoon in the north, and during the night in other parts as well, the snow stops and partly clears up.

The wind will be moderate and strong, sometimes short-lived and stormy, northwest.

Morning temperature from 0 to 8, highest during the morning, from 0 in the north to 12 in the southeast, during the day in a significant drop, in the afternoon and evening temperature in all places below zero degrees.

In Belgrade, rain, cooling in the morning, strong northwest wind and the transition of rain into snow and the creation of a smaller snow cover.

Afternoon cessation of snow, partial clearing during the night.

Wind moderate and strong, northwest.

Morning temperature around 7, also the highest, because it will fall during the day, and in the evening it will be below zero degrees.

According to the forecast, the weather forecast for the next seven days is variably cloudy and cold, mostly dry, in the mountainous areas and in the south in places light snow.

Temperature well below average, moderate and strong frost in the morning, until Monday.

Daily temperatures will range from -5 to 0 (icy days, ice), with a slight increase in temperature from Tuesday.

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