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Adelina, did not you have these legs to leave above?

Adelina Tahiri is part of the lives of those characters that words and rumors about her have never stopped.

The main target of these words was her marriage, defeating her many years of career and it was rumored how she crowned such love.

But, the charming singer, even from the smallest word, did not allow herself to be influenced, and continued her life with a lot of happiness and positivity.

After these things stopped for a while, Adelina returned to the music scene, with a very powerful project that was liked and listened to quite well by everyone.

And, knowing the singer who can never be in vain, from time to time refreshes her page with photo sessions that are welcomed by all, as her appearances always look like in fairy tales.

But, while he has fed the fans every time with this kind of images, the last time he seemed to get rid of it and came up with an extremely fiery appearance.

With high heels and provocative attire, Adelina has nothing more to present than that.

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