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Admovere: The right decision to send Kastrati to the Ethics Council – Latest News

Admovere: Appropriate decision to send Kastrati to the Ethics Council

The decision of the Rectorate of the University of Prishtina (UP) to file the case of Ardian Kastrati, assistant professor at the Faculty of Philosophy, for priority treatment in the Council of Ethics, due to the sexist language used, is considered the most appropriate decision that will could be obtained from the “Admovere” organization.

According to “Admovere”, this step by the rector of UP, Naser Sahiti, is the first of its kind and represents progress in dealing with such cases, reports Zeri.info.

“We hope that this case will go to the end, respecting the normative acts of UP. We also hope that from now on the Ethics Council will take more seriously the cases, which are deposited in this Council, because we are witnesses that not always the decisions of this Council have been taken regarding the tasks it has. “We remind you that ‘Admovere’ has followed the work of the Ethics Council over the years and the findings have been disturbing”, it is said in a communiqué of the organization “Admovere”.

According to “Admovere”, during the years 2017-2019 in this Council were reported 49 cases of violations of various natures, such as abuse of position, plagiarism and forgery of authorship, double contracts, non-compliance with the employment contract, academic advancement of suspicious, as well as some cases, although rare, of sexual harassment, threats or physical incidents. But only for three of them disciplinary procedures have been undertaken: two written reprimands and one oral reprimand, which are the easiest measures provided by the Regulation on Disciplinary Measures and Procedures of the Academic Staff of UP.

“So, as can be seen, for none of the above cases the Ethics Council has not taken the disciplinary measures provided in the Regulations which are: stopping the per diem, denial of involvement in evaluation commissions or mentoring, degradation of the position, prohibition of promotion, reduction of academic degree or even academic vocation and termination of employment “, it is said in their reaction.

“Admovere” encourages students, academic staff, administrative staff, but also mechanisms outside the institution, non-governmental organizations focused on UP, to file cases of violations of the Code of Ethics to the Ethics Council.

Whereas, for the Rectorate and the Ethics Council, they request that the cases presented to this Council be made public, together with the decisions of the Council for those cases, which must be taken within a reasonable period of time and be well justified. / Voice

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