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Former Deputy Minister of Finance accuses “Aloka” hospital of fraud – Latest News

Former Deputy Minister of Finance accuses

Yesterday, the former Deputy Minister of Finance, Agim Krasniqi announced that he and his family have tested positive for COVID-19.

While after this result, with the recommendation of the doctor, he, together with four members of his family, yesterday had a lung X-ray in a private hospital in Pristina.

And precisely for this service, he has shown dissatisfaction.

Krasniqi says that the “Aloka” hospital, where they had the X-ray, had told them that they would get the result in two hours – but the two-day wait turned out to be a one-day wait.

“ALOKA Hospital, terrible fraud with patients. Yesterday, at the urgent request of the doctor, with 4 family members, at 15:15 we did a lung X-ray in order to have quick results as two of the family members were in serious health condition. We were told that in two hours you will have the results “, Krasniqi begins his story, as he shows that they received the result only a day later.

Further, he says that in order not to delay the outcome, although the case was urgent, the hospital had sent the same medical report to everyone.

“Unfortunately yesterday, even after the call we did not accept the results and today after some calls, because yesterday and today we did not have the reports to tell the doctor, nervously and for a minute, sometime after 13:00, they sent us the reports for all members of the family, without any change “, emphasizes Krasniqi.

For this reason, the former deputy minister questions the credibility of these results and of the hospital in general.

“Should we believe these results that were produced for 1 minute, completely identical, is a big question mark,” he wrote.

Krasniqi has appealed to the management of this hospital to change measures and not to deceive patients.

“Unfortunately, such a case today from a journalist I realized is not the only one. Therefore, I appeal to the management of this Hospital to take measures and not to deceive patients in difficult health conditions and not to harm them financially because it does not make sense for such fraud to happen “, concluded Krasniqi.

“Zeri” has contacted the “Aloka” hospital, but they have said that they have no answer at the moment regarding this topic. / Voice

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