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Agron Selmani, the new sports director of FC Ferizaj – Latest News

Agron Selmani, the new sports director of FC Ferizaj

June 05, 2021 – 16:21

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FC Ferizaj is continuing with the organization of the club, appointing other people in leading positions of the club, writes Zeri.info.

After the election of the new president, the club from Ferizaj today announced the new sports director.

Agron Selmani, a former football player and coach of Ferizaj, has been appointed to this position.

Full notification from FC Ferizaj (without intervention):

“The board of the Ferizaj football club in the meeting held on 05.06.2021 has decided to select Agron Selmani sports director of the club!

Agron Selmani was born in 1968 in Ferizaj.

He is a former football player of the club of our city and is a certified coach with diplomas Uefa B, Uefa A and Uefa pro as well as many other international certifications!

“He has also led many other clubs nationwide!” /Zeri.info

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