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Air quality, Prishtina most polluted – biggest pollutants use of wood and coal for heating

Air Quality Information Day in Kosovo was marked with a series of activities to inform the public about the health risks of air pollution.

These activities are organized by the National Institute of Public Health of Kosovo (NIPHK) and the Hydrometeorological Institute of Kosovo (KHMI) in cooperation with the Municipality of Prishtina and with the support of the Millennium Foundation Kosovo.

Agron Kelmendi from the Millennium Foundation Kosovo said that Kosovo has already managed to solve the problem of lack of data on air quality.

He said that through a project funded by MSS, an information system on air quality in Kosovo has been created, while the State Portal on air quality has been drafted.

Kelmendi said that through this project, the biggest air pollutants have been identified, which are the use of wood and coal for heating, mainly in residential areas.

Kelmendi: Residential areas where coal and wood are used for heating are the biggest polluters

“MSS funded the project for air quality that you see here today, this journey began somewhere in 2018 and now we are at the end of it and as a result we have created a useful information system for the citizens of Kosovo, to whom enabled to be notified in real time of air quality data. We have created a state information network where air quality data can be accessed at any time and in any place in real time. Then we have created a system of health recommendations together with NIPHK, where we provide citizens with relevant data regarding the health effects of lack of air quality… This project has also invested in identifying sources of air pollution where for the first time “First of all, it has been possible for the citizens to be informed about the polluters and the sources of Kosovo.

From the Hydrometeorological Institute of Kosovo, Shkumbin Shala said that this Institute is working with an advanced system with 13 stations that continuously monitors the air quality in Kosovo.

Shala: The monitoring system is advanced

“This system is in the greatest possible advancement where our data are accessible to all categories. This system consists of 13 stations 12 fixed and 1 mobile, we have two stations in Prishtina due to the importance, these data are accessible and monitoring is done continuously jonë Our idea and goal is to distribute the data to all and to use all categories of society, we are trying to do our job as a responsible institution so far I think the work has gone well thanks to donors in particular the recent donation from MSS. The data, in addition to the IHK website, are now also the NIPHK website, where in this portal are all the information for all categories and special details on the state of air quality and in accordance with these parameters to behave in ambient ”, he said.

The official of the Municipality of Prishtina, Seniha Bajraktari, while acknowledging that the capital is one of the most polluted municipalities in the country, said that the municipality is working on many projects that will improve air quality.

Bajraktari said that currently this municipality is working on 10 documents, which will have increasing effects on air quality in the capital.

Bajraktari: Prishtina is the most polluted, not because the municipality is not working, but it has a large attendance

“We are all informed about the municipality of Prishtina that we are the most polluted city, we have the poorest air quality in Kosovo, but this does not come because the municipality of Prishtina is not working in that direction, but it is a big city and there is a very high attendance of both vehicles and citizens so we have more trouble improving air quality in a short time. The Municipality of Prishtina is not stopping working on documents, which are mandatory for the Municipality of Prishtina and will affect in the future with projects that are included in them in air quality as well as with these activities that we are ready to respond to ” , she said.

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