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ALARMING DATA OF THE REPUBLIC BUREAU OF STATISTICS! Each third marriage in Serbia doesn’t final ten years!

Every third marriage in Serbia does not survive the first ten years, according to the latest data from the Republic Statistical Office (SORS)!
In 2020, 8,687 marriages were divorced, and the average duration of marriages in Serbia, according to data for last year, was only 13.6 years.

They’re breaking ties

According to the SSO, marriages in most cases end in the first four years of living together.

– While men usually get divorced in their early forties, women mostly do it in their late thirties. The average age for entering marriage is around 31 for brides and 34 for the groom. When it comes to divorces, that limit is somewhat higher, but also with a difference of three years, so women who come out of marital waters are about 41, and husbands are 44 years old – they say in the SSO.

Average duration of marriage

city ​​average duration

Uzice 14.40
Nis 13.60
Belgrade 13.40
Novi Sad 13.40
Presevo 9.60
Backi Petrovac 9.20
Novi Pazar 9
Market 1.5
* average in years, SBS data

According to their data, we have two divorces per 1,000 inhabitants in Serbia, and divorce lawsuits are mostly initiated by couples without children. The SSO also points out that slightly more than half of the divorced are people with children, in any other case with one child.

The Minister for Family Care and Demography, Ratko Dmitrović, points out that 40% of marriages have been divorced in Belgrade alone in the last 10 years.

– In Serbia, every third marriage did not survive the first decade of marriage! The value and status symbols of today’s man are cars, apartments and branded suits, not children and the spirit of togetherness nurtured by the family. The problem of demography is among the priorities and it is necessary to work in parallel on changing the consciousness and value system imposed by the modern way of life – Minister Dmitrović pointed out.

Psychotherapist and columnist Marko Braković says for the Informer that our marriages have been failing in recent years, primarily due to a lack of tolerance.

The most common reasons for divorce

* Communication problems
* The disappearance of love
* Lack of intimacy
* Unwillingness to marry
* Addictions
* Fraud
* Financial issues
* Loss of self

– We simply do not have patience for our partner’s shortcomings. Practice shows that marriages break up due to a bad financial situation, and couples are killed by a lack of perspective. On the other hand, the possibilities of choice are greater, so due to all this, people think that they will be better off if they start something new on their own. Thanks to social networks, people easily form attitudes about “instant” lives and solutions … One of the important reasons for divorce should be the greater economic independence of women, who are not ready to suffer higher just because they are financially dependent on men – Brakovic points out.

Eager for freedom

Psychologist Aleksandra Janković also points out that marriages are formed later than it was a few decades ago, so young people live free and alone for a long time.

– The longer they live alone, they get used to being self-sufficient and not sharing too much with someone. Today, partners are expected to provide satisfaction, and not to share the bad sides of life. People find it harder to adapt, so they feel frustrated and do not agree to tolerance. It is increasingly expected that the other side will be in the function of my wishes and needs, and each generation is less and less tolerant and cannot tolerate the restrictions set by the other side – adds Janković.

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