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Albania – England: The issue of match development, react from the English Federation – Latest News

Albania - England: The issue of the development of the match, react from the English Federation

March 26, 2021 – 09:42

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The Albanian Football Federation on Wednesday (yesterday) published the letter of the Police Directorate in Tirana, which did not take over the progress of the qualifying match between Albania and England, reports “Zeri.info”.

The media on the island have also raised concerns about this issue.

SkySports has contacted one of the officials of the English Federation, who said that they are not aware of such a problem.

Further, the official of the English Federation emphasized that this is an internal problem of the Albanian authorities.

“The two federations have daily communication before the match and we have not been informed of any concerns about the security of this match. This is an internal matter between the Albanian authorities. “It would be unprecedented for an international match to be canceled just a few days before it takes place,” said the FA official.

Albania and England are expected to face each other on Sunday from 18:00 at the “Air Albania” stadium in Tirana. /Zeri.info

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