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Albanian-Greek drug network hit – Latest News

The Albanian-Greek drug network is hit

Greek police in Ioannina say they hit an Albanian-Greek drug ring consisting of eight people accused of internationally trafficking marijuana and heroin from Albania to Greece.

According to the Greek police, the network was run by an Albanian and consisted of five other citizens from Albania living in Greece and two Greeks. The network organized the discovery of quantities of marijuana in Albania and its transportation to Ioannina on a secure basis, and then the narcotics were distributed to small criminal drug markets.

Greek police said that the network was seized a quantity of narcotics in different periods, which if it ended up in the market would go to the value of about 370 thousand dollars. Greek police are also investigating some members of the network for money laundering.

According to the data of the Greek police during 2020 in Greece 210 Albanian citizens were accused of involvement in criminal groups, which constituted almost 31.7% of the persons accused of this crime in Greece.

The Greek police report on anti-drugs claimed that in 2020 about 48% of the marijuana seized in Greece came from Albania.

According to Greek police data, about 3.7 tons of raw marijuana were blocked in Greece after entering Albanian territory. According to the Greek Anti-Drug Report during 2020 in Greece 806 Albanian citizens were accused of being involved in narcotics activities from 884 which was this number in 2019. / VOA

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