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VV: Within the 6 months of the Kurti Authorities, loads of good work was carried out for the residents

Vetëvendosje Movement considers that in the first 6 months of its rule in power a lot of good work has been done and decisions have been made that directly affect the lives of citizens, and civic trust in the country’s institutions has increased significantly.

The party wrote in a Facebook post that this is confirmed by the latest UNDP report.

According to the UNDP report, citizens’ satisfaction with the Kurti government has increased by 37 percent compared to the previous government. With the Kurti Government according to this report, 59.1 percent of citizens are satisfied, while with the previous government this figure was significantly lower or 21.3 percent.

With Prime Minister Kurti there is also an increase in citizen satisfaction, or 59 percent, which represents an increase of 37.7 percent compared to the previous prime minister.

In terms of the democracy index, there is an increase of 19.6 percent during the current government compared to the previous one, as well as in terms of the economic confidence index, where there is an increase of 77.4 percent compared to the previous government.

“Together we will govern well and we will make the Republic of Kosovo a livable and prosperous place for all where crime and corruption will be part of the past”, writes Vetëvendosje.

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