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Albin Kurti comments on the slogan “Totally and Straight” – Latest News

Albin Kurti comments on the slogan

VV candidate for prime minister Albin Kurti commented on the slogan of VV Totally and Straight. He says that with this they are not thinking of power but going to the polls.

“Trust has nothing to do with those insinuations or imaginations. “When we are right, we mean all the citizens of Kosovo to go to the referendum because we have formed the pre-election coalition and consequently we have turned the elections into a referendum because the situation is like this”, said Kurti.

“There needs to be a cut between misuse and a return to good governance in the spring of 2020 that lasted a total of 50 days,” he added.

“It has nothing to do with power. It has nothing to do with the government, it has to do with the citizens to go to the polls in the referendum, then they all have to go “, said Kurti.

“We will walk straight without deviations and corruption,” he stressed.

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