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Antonela reveals the reason why she remembered the difficult moments with her father, blames the Homeland

Antonela has erupted in today’s episode against Homeland and Elvis.

Because of a post that Loco has made on his Instagram profile of a hanging rope also writing some words that Antonela indicated were for her.

In addition, she revealed the reason for her tears in “Përputhen Prime” on February 21, where she said that she was reminded of some difficult moments she experienced.

While tonight she found out why they remembered those difficult moments of the father who showed dh.una to her mother.

It was the action of Atdhe Xheravina in the direction of the former competitor Shqipe Hysenaj, trying to g.odas her with a chair.

And this was revealed tonight by Antonela as Atdheu was forced to leave the studio and leave the show.

“Everyone knows how you behaved here, you slanderer, when you raised the chair with the fallen Albanian, how you treat women like that, but the images will come out”, said Antonela./Lajmi

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