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Congress approves mass aid to address pandemic consequences – Latest News

Congress approves massive aid to address the aftermath of the pandemic

March 10, 2021 – 21:08

The $ 1.9 trillion package, proposed by US President Joe Biden to help citizens cope with the aftermath of the pandemic, overcame the final hurdle in Congress.

The Democrat-led House of Representatives approved the massive aid plan by 220 votes to 211. No Republican voted in his favor.

Having already passed the Senate, the aid package goes to President Biden’s table to be signed into law.

Biden has touted it as the best way to restore the strength of the American economy.

Biden has previously said that the package has widespread public support and that “now is the time to spend it”.

The aid package includes $ 415 billion to strengthen virus response and vaccine delivery, about $ 1 trillion in direct assistance to families, and approximately $ 440 billion to small businesses and communities particularly affected by the pandemic.

Many Republicans have opposed the use of borrowed money to pay off incentives.

According to Johns Hopkins University data, the coronavirus has affected over 29 million people in the US and killed over 528,000.

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